Reverse Interlinear searches on KJV 1900 continue to return 0 results

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Dave Novick | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Feb 16 2013 8:34 AM

Good Day,

Some time after upgrading to Logos 5 and receiving an update, searches against the KJV 1900 Reverse Interlinear stopped yielding any results. For example: Right click on a word (either in the text or in the interlinear pane at the bottom), choose the lemma from the context menu, and select "Search this resource." Without exception, in both Hebrew and Greek, the search yields 0 results. This happens also if one selects the Strongs number. However, other reverse interlinears (e.g. NASB, LXX, Apostolic Fathers in English) continue to work fine. In short reverse interlinear searches on KJV appear completely broken. I have submitted 2 reports to revint at logos dot com in the past month +, but have not received any responses. Is this a known issue. Is this just a problem with my install - and if so, how can I correct it? Is there a fix upcoming? BTW, not that it matters, but I do not display the interlinear text inline, only the pane at the bottom of the text. However, I have tested this in numerous configurations, and receive the same results.


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Does the KJV happen to be your preferred Bible?

If so, you may have been bitten by a bug (that's now fixed) that prevented the Bible and reverse interlinear from updating properly, which would affect searching. To fix this, make sure you're running the latest version (5.0b) then type "update resources" into the command box at the top of the program. It should find an update to download (the KJV); once you restart and indexing finishes, searching should start working again.

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Dave Novick | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Feb 16 2013 9:24 AM

It is my preferred Bible. I'll try your recommendation now. Thanks.

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Kaye Anderson | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Feb 16 2013 9:53 AM


Updating resources, as you directed here, also fixed a problem I was having in the information panel with the new "Translated" section.  My preferred Bible, NASB, was showing junk text but is now fixed.  I really enjoy that new feature so thanks!


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Dave Novick | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Feb 16 2013 9:56 AM


All is well now. You are the man!!!! Thank you x 10^100. I am so glad to have this taken care of. While I had plenty of workarounds, it was just getting in the way of my normal workflow.

Have a great weekend.


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