Great software, Whack pricing

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Luke Hughes-Bunger | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Feb 22 2013 1:41 AM

I've been playing with proclaim for a while, and would definitely be bringing it to our church but for one simple fact.

Your pricing structure is whack.

Come on. A church of 20 pays only twice what a church of 200 pays, in spite of their 10 times larger congregation. Moreso, a church of 20,000 pays exactly the same as a church of 200, in spite of being 100 times larger.

I understand tiered pricing, but Surely, we should be doing more to make this accessible to smaller churches not blessing those who have already been abundantly blessed.

Unfortunately I shall stick with OpenSong and Keynote for now.

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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Feb 22 2013 1:48 AM

I don't usually follow the Proclaim forum because I don't have Proclaim, but I just checked out the pricing page to see what you were referring to. That it just the introductory pricing for the first year. It goes up for larger churches after they've had a chance to try it out. I think Logos has realized that if they priced it higher up front for the larger churches they wouldn't give it a trial run. So this is necessary to get them in the door and hooked. Maybe they could do a sweeter deal for the intro pricing for churches under 500 and it would make the intro pricing for larger churches seem fairer even without having to raise it and lose potential customers who would pay a higher price in the long run.

Logos might not be the right choice for smaller churches anyway.

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