Logos 6.0: What features do you want?

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Mike W | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Oct 5 2014 11:35 AM


David Paul:

I want L6 to be L3...with updates.


L3 was my least favorite version.

Did not like.

I /hope/ they continue down the path they are on now. Things are better than 4, and unquantifiable infinite orders of magnitude better than 3. I think I've mentioned before that I owned some of the journals in L3 .... i didn't use them until I bought into L4.

I started buying books seriously with L3 (I had Barclay in a previous version but primarily used quickverse).  I didn't like waiting several seconds for layouts to update when I changed verses. With L5 on a MacBook retina everything is almost instantaneous. Going forward I'd like to see them make the advanced features easier to use and I'd like to see tools added to biblia.com (I'm often using Logos on a computer I can't install software on).

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Eric Ruhnow | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Oct 5 2014 7:50 PM

As many others have stated:

  • No more use of WPF
  • Touch friendly interface

One thing I would personally love would be the ability to see Bible texts without Chapter/Verse numbers and Periscope Headings, but still preserving the paragraph formatting.

Another would be optimizing the startup time for those of us not in the SSD lane. I've only seen seriously graphics intense games take the amount of time to load as L5 does. I don't have what one would consider an excessive amount of tabs to my standard layout, but the load time is crazy (I can load up almost all of the apps included in Adobe's CS6 Design Suite sequentially in less time than L5 loads on a standard HD). I know us Baptists like our coffee, but the Bible software we use shouldn't be coded to include the brewing time for a pot of coffee in the startup time! Stick out tongue

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