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Nathan Parker | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Oct 19 2013 12:28 PM

This is going on UserVoice as well...

It'd be neat to see the following enhancements brought to Original Language Texts:

Greek texts have the option to display Words of Christ in red. Would be need to look at a Greek text and see at a glance Christ's words. It could definitely be user-configurable.

Speaker Labels brought to Original Language Texts.

Revamp Original Language Interlinears so they use Inline and the Interlinear Pane similar to how Reverse Interlinears work. Basically just for interface consistency.

Biblical Facts tagging on Original Language Texts.

Some Original Language Texts are missing Sympathetic Highlighting. It'd be nice to roll it out across the board.

The following enhancements would be neat to see in Foreign Language Texts (Spanish, German, etc.):

Words of Christ in red across the board.

Speaker Labels

Biblical Facts Tagging

Sympathetic Highlighting

Reverse Interlinears. It'd be great to start rolling out Reverse Interlinears on foreign texts, not just English Texts. It would make Logos even more internationally appealing and aid in Bible translation.


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