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Donnie Hale | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Nov 18 2013 10:41 AM

(I wasn't sure whether this should go under "Logos Web Site" or "Vyrso." Forgive me if I guessed wrong... ;)

I went to the Vyrso site today to get the several free John Piper books that I didn't yet have. I encountered two significant challenges when I got to the site.

1) Login doesn't preserve the current page / view
I arrived at the site via the link to the Piper resources. I wasn't logged in, so I clicked the "Sign in" link in the upper right. It uses a popover / modal to present the login form, which is nice. However, after I completed the login, it went to a default view of all Vyrso resources. The whole point of the modal approach is to keep you where you are, and that's certainly communicated implicitly to the user with the modal approach. The site should have kept me on the same page and simply corrected the display of the matching resources to reflect whether I already owned them.

2) "Add to cart" navigates away from current page / view
Once I got back to the desired view of Piper resources, I clicked "Add to cart" on the first of the resources I wanted to buy. This took me completely away from that page / view to the cart. Not a great experience, but I see that there's a "Shop More" button. I click that, but it takes me to the default "all resources" view. I have to manually make my way back to the view I was at. Then I end up using a "middle-click" (new tab) approach to add each resource to the cart without losing the view I was on. "Add to cart" should be a client-side operation, much the way "Add to wish list" is on the Logos site. Worst case, each resource in the current view should have a checkbox with an "Add selected to cart" button.

I've said this before in the Logos Web Site forum, and I don't mean it harshly. These are long-solved web user experience problems that Logos / Vyrso would do well to adopt as quickly as possible.

Thanks for the resources. It is appreciated!


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Cameron Watters (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 18 2013 11:14 AM
Donnie Hale:
Login doesn't preserve the current page / view
Login not preserving the current page is definitely a bug and we'll fix it. currently does the correct thing while does not.

Director of Engineering for Enterprise and Operations

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