vs. bible versions and licensing.

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Patrick Brentlinger | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Dec 4 2013 11:29 PM

Cool toys guys, I have a question about two of them, embedded bible plugin and the api calls.

Embedded Bible

The Embedded Bible lets you place a scrollable Bible on your own web page. You can control the size, version and verse to open to. Users who sign into will have even more choices of Bible version.

Now using this plugin I can show any user I want regardless of their license rights the bible versions in the plugin, let's say the NKJV. But I cannot show the same user the same text from NKJV from the api call.  I am sure I am missing something and it is probably a legal thing, am I right?  Or is there a fun loop hole we could use to get these api calls to work because I am dying to make a popcorn.js plugin for bible references (unless of course you wanted to do it :D )

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