Two problems with Henrietta Mears collection

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Rosie Perera | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, May 2 2014 2:36 PM

This is a problem with both the website and the metadata, so there isn't really a great place to post it.

1) If I type mears into my Library filter, I cannot find all the volumes of the newly released Henrietta Mears Collection.Only 4 of the books are found. If they were all by Henrietta Mears, you'd think they would all show up.

2) Turns out they are not all by Henrietta Mears, despite the fact that she is listed as the author of all of them on the product description page. So that page is wrong. These three books are by Bayard Taylor and Gary S. Greig, based on Henrietta Mears' book What the Bible Is All About:

  • Christians on the Move: The Book of Acts
  • Founders of Our Faith: Genesis through Deuteronomy: From Creation to the Promised Land
  • The Life of Jesus: His Life, Death, Resurrection and Ministry

3) It seems to me that the name Henrietta Mears should be mentioned in the description in the metadata of all of these, since they are all part of the collection named after her and should be findable in one's library when filtering on that name.

[I've made my own workaround by tagging them with her name.]

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