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JRS | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jun 7 2014 9:07 PM

This is a small frustration and may have a simple/obvious answer but is there a way to grab an open note and move it to a different location on the screen?  They often open directly over the text I am considering. 

If there is, I haven't been able to figure it out.

I am using the latest beta on a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet with Kitkat.

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David Loo | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Jun 9 2014 9:29 AM

I noticed the same problem. On my Galaxy Note 10.1, the Notes "window" covers a large portion of the screen, so whatever I was reading before opening the Notes window is no longer visible. A suggestion is to dock the Notes window at one of the two regions of the app. E.g., I usually read with a commentary opened in the top region (or left region, depending on how I hold the tablet), and a Bible version in the bottom region (or right region). If I click on a word or passage to create a Note, the Note window should be placed in the other region, allowing me to see both the passage and the Note at the same time. Once I'm done with the Note, I can close it and the region (where the Note was shown) will revert back to whatever content it was showing before.

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