Logos has overtaken Accordance for good

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Tony Thomas | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 26 2016 5:12 PM


Mr. Childs apparently none of us are Smile

I think a massive overhaul and simplification of the interface and gearing it toward beginners and intermediate users (instead of original language scholars) is more in order.  Logos developers - God bless them all sincerely - seem to have their head in the clouds and are not thinking revamp, simplify, and improve.

That isn't the market that Logos is going after.  There are plenty of free, low cost and online options for beginners and intermediate users.  Logos is targeted at the upper end of the market because that is where the $$$ is.  Accordance is also heading in that direction with their newer packages, but to their credit, they still offer lower end packages and even a free trial version.

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Paul | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 26 2016 7:25 PM

Dan Francis:

Well apparently tighter integration into cloud and features that are online only seem to be the way FL wants to go but these things are opposite of my wishes, I am not who they are aiming at either I guess..


Dan, thank you for your advice and I found the Accordance Lite is very fast, has basic original language ability, completed with Bible outline and a decent commentary. Best of all it is free.  I am tempted to get their PhotoGuide: the only thing comparable on Logos is the "Beitzel Photo Library". But this photo library is only available for Logos Now subscriber, and the data are stored on their server.  I spent a lot of money on Logos, and I cannot really afford to migrate to Accordance except for an occasional purchase: their new graphic packages look gorgeous. For the same price I spent on Logos 7 new engine and dataset that I have not found useful, I could have purchased a beautiful graphic package at Accordance, downloadable completely onto my hard drive.

A few years ago, Accordance used to have a very small commentary selection, and that was why I started with Logos. But now, Logos is losing this advantage. In terms of graphics, Accordance seems to have better media and atlas. In terms of new publications, OliveTree seems to be able to publish them faster. OliveTree pricing and sales are truly attractive: I bought MacArthur Commentary for almost 1/3 of the price of Logos. I wish my MacArthur set is in my Logos library, but I can't justify paying so much more money to acquire it into my Logos library.

I hate having to run three different Bible Softwares on my computer. So I wish Logos can stop me. 

Now, Should I be spending money on Logos Now? or I should save money for Accordance graphical packages? Decision, decision...

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Rick Ausdahl | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Nov 26 2016 10:45 PM

Dan Francis:

Paul Lee:
should I get together with Sacred Bridge?  Or should I keep hoping that Sacred Bridge will come to Logos?

There is no equal to Sacred Bridge. Accordance is fast and great program to use to supplement Logos.  Go and download the free lite version to try it out and if you like it grab Sacred bridge.


Dan, do you know if there are any map related features for Sacred Bridge that would be missing if only going with the free lite version?

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DMB | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 27 2016 5:39 AM

Paul, you're right about the media in Accordance. I'll admit Carta is a draw for me. Mainly the text. But the media is my addiction. I clearly remember our pastor sternly warning our congregation about Accordance media. I get every one they produce.

Here, I'll defer to Dan, but my impression is that Logos doesn't accomodate hi-res imagery. At least I've never seen it. Plus no zooming. My world is geology and zooming in to the stone work, writing, and wilting in the baked brick, speaks volumes. I have maybe 200 apps on my iPad (which I doubt) but Accordance kicks everyone else out, when a new media package arrives.

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Dan Francis | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 27 2016 10:01 AM

Rick as far as I am aware the timeline and atlas are the only none functional parts of the lite version. There may be other features I am not aware of that are crippled. Since Carta is a resource and not the customizable interactive map system that is Accordance Atlas there should be no problems running it under lite.

Paul if you go for the graphics combo I want you to remind you that timeline is not functional under lite... It is posted that the graphics modules are add on with the 12 program not included. That said for $59 one can get the program in starter pack which includes several books including New Bible Commentary (Logos price $39.99) and Errdmans Bible Dictionary (Logos price $40.99), so it is not a bad value to get the starter to gain full access to the graphics packages, the photo modules should work fine but interactive timeline will not under lite.


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Dan Francis | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Nov 27 2016 10:16 AM

Logos doesn't accomodate hi-res imagery. At least I've never seen it.

The issue I have usually had with all FL imagery is it is super hard to display properly on a laptop. For example on todays homepage there is a Panorama of Jerusalem I click on it and I can zoom in and out but there no way I have discover to get a full screen view with the FL program. Some images come up even worse with a tiny slit for viewing leaving one unable to even use them on a laptop. Now I know the answer is get a big external monitor and problem solved. This is not something I want... I want to be able to use Fl programs effectively on my laptop. I am not asking for the impossible but I come to sad conclusion that to view most images from FL programs i have to jump through hoops and other programs or atleast a printer dialouge. When in my mind the logical thing is double click and picture opens up in it's own uncluttered window. Admittedly maybe i only expect this because that is how it has always worked in Accordance.


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DIsciple II | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 28 2016 2:27 AM

Dan Francis:
For me the Atlas is a great example.

Faithlife I agree has IMHO got is so wrong when it comes to their Atlas product.  It's a huge disappointment. 

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 28 2016 2:30 AM

Disciple of Christ (doc):
Faithlife I agree has IMHO got is so wrong when it comes to their Atlas product.  It's a huge disappointment. 

At least they recognized their error in technology choice and simply went back to rework it rather than blundering on ...

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Joel Madasu | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 28 2016 7:05 AM

Logos and Accordance compliment each other, in my opinion and experience. I use them both, and they both are fantastic.I thank God for both tools! Just imagine how much work the scholars of the old, went through when they wrote their commentaries, concordances, etc. But now, we get the information with a click (or few).

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Dan Francis | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 28 2016 8:57 AM

Well put Joel.... many will want only on program, but a second one is just as handy as a second Bible beyond the one  you regularly use....


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Diego Lara | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 28 2016 7:34 PM

After Accordance released Accordance 12, I was really thinking about switching from Logos to Accordance. I downloaded the lite version of Accordance but just after a few minutes of using it I realized why Logos is better for me. The layout for accordance is not as clean and it feels really busy with just a few windows open. The layout design makes it seem like I have tiny windows to work with, while with Logos the clean layout makes it so easy to have multiple windows open making it easy to look at the text even with a smaller laptop monitor. It is obvious that Logos has put so much more time into the interface. Yes Logos does run a bit slower and uses like 20 times memory usage, but at the end of the day they are innovating and really putting design on a high priority which is very important to me.

And now that Logos has added Fuzzy Searches, it has saved me time and no longer need to use a search engine for a verse I only knew a few words. Now I can do a quick search and select the right verse and continue studying without wasting time or getting distracted by having to rely on a web browser.

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Fabian | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Nov 29 2016 1:26 PM

Veli Voipio:

 But I guess neither has the possibility for user editing (adding, modifying)

In Accordance you have nearly the same possibility like the developers. You can add/delete/move in the Timeline and in the Atlas. In the Atlas you can create user layouts, etc. For example if you think the way of the Israelites from Egypt to Sinai is on another route you can change this too.



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Donovan R. Palmer | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Dec 1 2016 5:24 AM

This discussion on maps and graphics harkens back to threads from 2010 during the rodeo when Logos 4 Mac was released.

Some improvements have been made since then, but if maps, speed and the ability to contain your own resources locally are a requirement, this is not the greatest strength of Logos. I lurk occasionally in these forums and keep an eye out for developments in this arena particularly at time of a new version release, but it appears that this is not changing any time soon.

Pretty much every software product on the market comes with compromises and appeals to different preferences. List your highest priorities and then pick a product that best matches it. For my current study needs, if I could only own one software, it would be Accordance, but I am delighted I can use both. Both have strengths that are invaluable for different reasons to me.  Among other things, Accordance is my go to on maps, timelines and graphics.

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Bootjack | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Mar 8 2017 12:00 AM

Denise, do you suppose you could post the whole of this article instead of just the partial as you posted on page 6? It's the part right under your first map and the article begins with saying, "On the other hand, a serious textual corruption did take place."

I'd appreciate seeing the whole of it. I'll try and paste it here but not sure if this will work or not. 


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