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Chuck Forsythe | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Sep 26 2014 4:10 AM

Good morning all:

This morning I read an interesting post on Logos' blog, "Master the 15 Document Types." 

I do have 2 questions. 

The blog links me to Faithlife saying: "To demonstrate the power of these documents, we created a Faithlife Group with samples of each document type..." 

I expected to find a master list of the 15 types at Faithlife and then multiple posting from other members. That is not what I found. I found a "hodge-podge" collection of many different document types (all were interesting).  

Question 1: So, here is my problem. My expectation of what I would find on Faithlife is faulty. Where can I find a simple primer on how to use Faithlife and it's purpose? 

The blog also says: "There are also four other document types that don’t appear in this menu, but may appear at Documents.Logos.com." 

The link sends me to my own Logos documents (248 of them). I do not understand how my own documents help me understand the "four other" document types. I do not even know what "four other" document types I am looking for. I really don't have the time (or perhaps patience) to scroll through 15 or more pages on my saved document types to try to discern what the four other types might be.  

Question 2: Would please explain the value of reading my own documents in reference to the Blog (how does it help me understand the 15 different document types  when I can't even find the 15 different types)? 


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Dr. Charles A. Wootten | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Sep 26 2014 6:23 AM

Chuck is correct. I, too, wandered over only to find the same hodge-podge. I suspect there's a hiccup somewhere!

God bless


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