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Phil Gons (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Oct 25 2014 8:22 AM | Locked

What’s new in Logos 6?

A ton. Way more than can fit in an FAQ. Visit the What's New in Logos 6 forum thread to see the complete list. See also https://www.logos.com/features and https://www.logos.com/capabilities.

What is Logos 6 all about?

Logos 6 is about delivering insight. It delivers insight to you and enables you to deliver insight to others. It brings together one-of-a-kind data with cutting-edge tools to enable you to make more connections more quickly and discover new insights in less time. Logos 6 also includes a suite of media and tools for turning your insights into beautiful visuals to share with others.

I wasn’t expecting Logos 6 until next year. Why’d you release it only two years after Logos 5?

We’ve been growing, and we’ve been able to invest more resources into making Logos even more amazing. We didn’t want to hold all those awesome new features back from you for another year. The tech industry in general is moving to a faster release cycle. People are growing accustomed to more frequent updates. We want to keep in step with users’ expectations and ship as much new value as quickly as we can to allow people to do better Bible study in less time.

I recently bought Logos 5. Can you do anything special for me?

Absolutely. If you bought within 180 days of launch, we have special offers available for you. You should receive an email with instructions. Call our sales team at 888-875-9491 to learn about your options.

What are my options for moving from Logos 5 (or earlier) to Logos 6?

You have three main options: (1) upgrading, (2) crossgrading, and (3) updating.

Upgrading gives you (1) the new Logos 6 core engine, (2) new Logos 6 datasets and media, and (3) a larger research library. Crossgrading gets you (1) the new Logos 6 core engine and (2) new Logos 6 datasets and media. Updating gets you the new Logos 6 core engine.

Learn more at Ways to Move to Logos 6.

Where can I learn about the Logos 6 base package, upgrade, and crossgrade options?

Visit www.logos.com/basepackages to see all the options and www.logos.com/compare to compare them. To see the key resource differences, visit www.logos.com/resources. Or visit www.logos.com/get-6 to see which package we recommend for you.

Why do I have to pay to upgrade to Logos 6? I thought upgrades were free?

We provide free updates to our core software engine, which gives you access to a handful of the new features, but its the datasets and media—and the special tagging in our resources—that make Logos 6 really shine. We charge for new content, but we provide software (i.e., code) updates for free. So updating is free, but upgrading (and crossgrading) isn’t, because we’re selling you new content: books, datasets, and media.

I’m just getting started with Logos. What should I get?

If you’re new to Logos, we recommend our Gold-level package. It delivers the full set of features and functionality along with a broad biblical and theological research library. You can choose Gold from one of our denomination tracks to get the library best suited to you. One of our other packages may be the right fit for you. Visit www.logos.com/resources to learn more  about some of the key differences bewteen the packages and www.logos.com/compare to see all the differences.

If I don’t own a base package, can I buy one of the Logos 6 crossgrades?

The Logos 6 crossgrades are focused on the datasets and media needed to power the features of Logos 6. They’re not intended to give you all the books you need to have a good experience with the software. While we don’t prohibit you from buying a crossgrade if you don’t own a base package, we don’t recommend it. You won’t have an optimal experience without one of the research libraries that come with our Logos 6 base packages.

Are there any special discounts on Logos 6?

Yes. First, there’s dynamic pricing, which guarantees that you’ll pay only for the content that’s new to you. Your price will be discounted in proportion to the amount of content you already own.

Second, we have a special introductory promotional discount of 15% off on all base packages, upgrades, and crossgrades.

Third, we have special gifts for people who spend $500, $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000. Learn more by visiting https://www.logos.com/introoffers.

Can I buy multiple base packages?

Absolutely. With dynamic pricing, you pay only for content you don’t already own. If you buy our standard Gold package, you could also buy our Reformed Gold package to pick up all the books you’re missing. Make sure you buy them in separate transactions so dynamic pricing will give you the appropriate discount.

Will I lose any of my current books if I upgrade?

Absolutely not. Content you’ve purchased from us is licensed to you for life. You never lose access to your books, datasets, and media. We guarantee your content will continue to work on the latest version of our software, and we even provide free updates to your resources to take advantage of new functionality, tagging, and other enhancements.

Will I get charged for anything I already own?

Absolutely not. Our dynamic pricing engine ensures that you only pay for what’s new to you.

How does dynamic pricing work?

Our dynamic pricing engine scans your entire license and compares it to the product you’re considering purchasing. It then prorates the price to make sure you’re paying only for content that is new to you.

Can I buy two overlapping products at the same time and pay only for the unique resources?

Not yet, but soon. For now, you should buy products that have overlapping content in separate transactions. Soon you’ll be able to buy them in a single transaction. We hope to have an announcement of that feature in the next few months.

What are the minimum system requirements for Logos 6?

Logos 6 requires Windows 7 SP1 or Mac OS X 10.9, or later. Any system meeting the minimum requirements for those operating systems can run Logos 6:

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Get more questions answered at www.logos.com/faq.

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