Logos Crash when using FL Studio 11

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Mike | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Dec 23 2014 1:32 PM

Hey Everybody,

We just wanted to take a moment to let you know about a software conflict we recently discovered with "FL Studio 11" on Windows. It appears the FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops) uses a special Audio Compression Manager which may cause Logos to crash when playing compressed audio files (namely, MP3 format).

Some examples of compressed audio in Logos are:

  • Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic Pronunciation Audio (found Tools > Pronunciation, Exegetical Guide, Bible Word Study and the "Lemma" context menus)
  • The Logos opening music.

It seems that FL Studio injects its own audio compression manager in an unstable way, so we recommend disabling it. If you are experiencing an immediate crash in Logos, while opening or playing compressed audio, and you also have FL Studio installed, you may need to follow the steps below:

  1. Close Logos if it's open
  2. Open Windows File Explorer
  3. Navigate to C:\Windows\System32\
  4. Locate "Vorbis.acm" (".acm" may be hidden on some systems)
  5. Renamed "Vorbis.acm" to "VorbisOLD.acm"
  6. Open Logos and retry the feature that previously crashed.

Note: While this file is renamed, FL Studio may be unable to correctly import or export compressed audio, but other features seem to work fine. If you need to import or export compressed audio, you can temporarily name the file back as needed, as long as you avoid using any compressed audio features in Logos at that time.

If Logos still crashes after renaming the Vorbis.acm file, please contact the Support Department for further assistance. Including diagnostic logs with your report may help us assist you more efficiently.

Thank you,

Mike | Faithlife Support Department


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