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Daniel R Bartholomew | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jan 2 2015 9:48 AM

I know there's already a request of Banner of Truth publications, but this one specifically would be great.  Primarily, to make a reading plan to make it into a daily devotional.

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Tom Blanchard | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jan 2 2015 10:38 AM


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Yasmin Stephen | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Jan 2 2015 10:57 AM

YesYes Yes, please do!

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Tanner | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Aug 11 2019 5:04 AM

I give a hearty amen. I have been studying/writing a sermon and though several times how helpful it would be to have Valley of Vision easily searchable and accessible!

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Robert M. Warren | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Aug 11 2019 6:41 AM

This title is available as an ebook from the Banner of Truth store. When I purchased it, there were instructions to have it sent to Kindle, so it would benefit from the Kindle management features. The last time I checked, that is the only ebook edition available. Warning: there was/is a title of the same name in the Amazon Kindle store, but it appears to be some kind of soft porn (!).

It can be converted to .docx and compiled in the PB tool in Logos, if you are okay with format shifting of legitimately purchased content, and want to deal with it. I used Calibre. I didn't do any tagging. I might have fiddled with the MS Word Headings to have the prayers organized by the categories in the Logos sidebar TOC, I don;t recall. Sometimes that is a happy conversion consequence. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could tag it for a Calendar Devotion.

To cause it to appear in a passage guide, you could put it in a collection and add a custom section. I, or someone on the Forum, will be happy to show your how to do these things, if you're interested.

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Caleb Adams | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Aug 12 2019 5:29 AM

Absolutely! Would be a fantastic and extremely valuable resource, especially for a reading plan as you stated.

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Michael S. | Forum Activity | Replied: Fri, Aug 30 2019 7:23 AM

It has been requested several times in the Suggestion Forums.

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Milkman | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Oct 21 2019 11:55 AM




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