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John Eggen | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jan 21 2010 6:36 AM

1st - I love the iPhone app.  I bought an iPod touch (8Gb) mostly to be able to use Logos 4 and Kindle on it, and it has been worth the money.  Thank you for this incredible addition to the software.  I already feel that having this allows me to get much more use out of the great investment I have made in my library through Logos.  Please keep up the good work.

Quick question.  I do my daily reading on my iPod most of the time now.  I have noticed that the day titles are a little messed up.  For example today when I open my reading plan I see titles:
Yesterday (checked)

1st, you will notice that there is truly an extra day since today is Thursday, Tomorrow must be Friday so I am not sure what the extra "Today" is.  Each of the "Today" readings are different, so I opened up L4 to see what these correspond to.  Turns out that I was a day behind (hard to tell from above), which may be how the app gets confused.

iPhone Titles -- Corresponding readings in L4
Yesterday - Tuesday
Today - Wednesday
Today - Thursday
Tomorrow - Friday
Saturday  - Saturday

If there is anything I can do on my side let me know.  I am on V 1.2.2 (34832.)  Otherwise I will just hope to see a fix someday in an updated version.  Thanks again for all your hard work on this app.  It is great.

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