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Dale | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Mar 29 2015 10:44 AM

I am frustrated enough with the GESTURES functions in LOGOS 5 (probably others too, but 5 is what I'm running, and I see no gain in 6 nor would it address this, I don't believe.)

The GESTURES frequently FRUSTRATE ME, doing things I didn't intend or even know had been done. The most frequent is floating the tab I'm reading to a separate window, and I have to bring it back into the panel where I was working.

But today, I found myself trying in vain to stop a tab from moving the text back up when I had scrolled it back down a bit, and I wondered what was going on. I thought maybe it wanted to keep a sub-heading in the text visible (but WHY?) and kept struggling to get it to stay. Gave up.

Shortly afterward, reading in another panel and tab, I was seeing the same thing, and this time saw it move again before I tried to scroll back where it was, and BING!! The light went on and I realized it was in READ ALOUD MODE. (I have sounds muted almost always on my computer, so wasn't hearing anything.)


I do not see myself EVER using this feature, and because it is activated errantly via the GESTURES that I also cannot turn off, this is NOTHING BUT FRUSTRATING and actually ruins my experience with LOGOS at times, and in fact, almost every session involves some issue with unintended actions that occur because of the supposed "helpful" features that get added but cannot be turned OFF.

I'm really quite amazed that I even need to ask for a change such as this. It seems the most basic courtesy on the part of programmers that if you are going to put in features that automate actions like READ ALOUD or CLOSE A TAB or FLOAT A TAB etc, and which require added steps (sometimes frustratingly difficult to figure out) to return to one's previous layout or setup, there should ALSO BE PROVIDED a way to TURN OFF that functionality altogether.

I think this is ESPECIALLY true of GESTURES, because they can occur so easily by accident. I'm often reading when I may be tired, and if I start to nod off, my mouse button can be easily pressed and the least movement of the mouse (in my case a trackball, which moves even more easily) can cause an immediate and unwanted change to the program, any of the things I listed already, and many more, and every NEW occurrence has me either wondering what happened, or how do I stop this, or whatever.

I am pleading for the option to DISABLE GESTURES and/or some specific commands, like READ ALOUD (and probably others) that occur with apparently no realization that the user did anything to occasion the change.

I do recognize that sometimes, maybe always, there is a fleeting pop-up that says something about the change, but it can be missed or misunderstood, and still leaves the user having to chasing some rabbit-trail to learn how to get it back as it was. The POINT of having LOGOS or any other program is NOT to have to chase rabbit-trails, nor to learn how features work that I have NO INTEREST in using.

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DMB | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Mar 29 2015 11:09 AM

Dale, I'm just guessing you're using a touch-screen (tablet, etc)?  At least, I didn't see how you're accidentally running into gestures.  

In theory, a right-click/move is needed, absent a touch-screen.  With a touch-screen, of course, a touch-hold is a right-click and soon disaster strikes (depending on the touch-screen settings).  Logos never learned about 'touch-screens' and still does very poorly with L4+.

Or did I misunderstand?

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Dale | Forum Activity | Replied: Sun, Mar 29 2015 11:25 AM

No, I am using a laptop, Windows 8.1, and a trackball mouse. (and Logos 5, I guess I mentioned.)

But you are right, it does involve a right-click, and it is the right button that I tend to press accidentally if I start to relax too much i.e. nod  :-)

I doubt I'm a rarity in terms of sometimes nodding as I am studying or reflecting on something and I accidentally let my hand relax enough that I've pressed the button before I know it. This might also be worse with at trackball, because my whole arm doesn't have to move for there to be a change in position of the cursor, indicating a directional slide that now has become a gesture. :-(

Thanks for the clarification, though. I don't do anything on a tablet, so am not even in a position to have to bother with gestures much. (Thank goodness.)

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