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Steve Burrow | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Jan 22 2010 10:23 PM

 I just started using app (just got an iPhone) and I am really enjoying it.  Thank you very much to Logos for this FREE app that allows me access to a growing list of titles in my library.  It is amazing, and exciting to think what is in store for the future.

One thing I notice is that “verse” navigation sometimes takes a little bit long to scan and find the right box to tap for a particular book in the bible, or even chapters and verses. Has anyone else had this experience? With time I am sure it will be more natural and I will learn the location of each button.

But I think the verse navigation page could be easier to use if the books of the bible were subtlety colored according to category.  For instance, Gospels and Acts, Paul's epistles to churches, to individuals, other epistles.  Also, 7 boxes per line is an awkward increment for the chapter and verse pages. Maybe alternate between a light color and white every 10 numbers to help quickly move ones eyes to the appropriate area of the screen.

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