Syriac font choice not always respected in the "Syriac Method and Manual"

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Fr Devin Roza | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, May 18 2015 1:00 PM

Recently the "Syriac Method and Manual" was released by Faithlife. In many of the Syriac texts, the Syriac font the user chooses is not respected. Sometimes the same text has sections where the choice is respected, and sections where it is not, even within the same paragraph! Consider this funny looking text as an example:

The text goes back and forth from Estrangelo Edessa and Serto! If I change the default font to Serto, it all changes to Serto.

NOTE: There are 5 volumes to this work, and I think there are problems in multiple volumes. The most problematic is "Introductory Syriac Method and Manual: Syriac".

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