New Feature: Greek Grammatical Constructions (dataset)

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Jacob Cerone | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, May 18 2015 3:43 PM

What is it?

This new dataset identifies grammatical constructions in the New Testament and finds other occurrences of the construction in the Bible. Example: Find all the first-class conditional statements in Paul's letters.

How does it work?

This dataset labels all instances of emphatic negation, Granville Sharp's first rule, conditional clauses, historical presents, articular infinitives, clause-level asyndeton, and Colwell's Rule.

  • See how constructions are built by viewing examples from the Bible
  • Track down other occurrences of grammatical constructions, like 1st class conditional clauses
  • Compare how one author uses a construction against another, like the historical present
  • Create a visual filter that highlights these constructions in your Bible of choice 

Where can I learn more?

Watch it in action here.

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