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Tim Campbell | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Jun 13 2015 6:34 AM

I would suggest addding a French Arrington Collection --- well respected theologian in COG and contributor/editor of AG FiRE Bible.

He has several commentaries, books, and a three volume systematic theology ALL OF WHICH are very pastoral, readable, and accessible to pastors and general readers.

Pathway Press is publisher.

Not ALL Pathway Press books are the same--like most publishers they have vanity titles and refurbished sermons in book form.

But, Arrringtons catalog would be a perfect addition to the P/C market that uses Logos for study, etc.

Flooding the Logos P/C niche with Charisma books, etc is kind of insulting --- that's NOT what am looking for w my Logos purchases.

Great to see Craig Keeners material on Logos, etc.

Arrington would be a good addition for those who use Logos and are P/C.

Also add Ray Hughes library, etc. very useful to pastors, etc.

iIf Arringtons entire works offered, I would drop $200-300 for ENTIRE PACKAGE.

Just attended Florida Campmeeting where Logos had booth. If this was offered, they would have cleaned up there w those pastors.  The Church of God seminary (Pentecostal Theological Seminary) has the largest accredited MA degree ONLINE program than any other seminary.

That is a partnership w Logos that's waiting to happen....


Tim Campbell

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