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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sun, Jun 21 2015 1:16 AM

Bohuslav Wojnar:

For Bibles I use the following collection:  type:Bible ANDNOT (mytag:MS OR title:Targum)

I tagged all manuscripts as MS.

Then I have tagged also English Bibles and Non-English. Works well for me. Tagging is very fast in the library. So sometimes it is easier (if you need a list of certain resources) to tag and then to create a collection like this:   mytag:NonEnglish

EDIT: But this way you get manual collection. Dynamic is better. You can get them only with the right string.

Sean Boisen:

Expanding on Bohuslav's helpful suggestion:

  • Start by defining sets you don't want (for me, targums and MSS). An easy way to do this is to open the Library and
    1. type "title:Targum" (for me with Gold, that's 65 resources)
    2. click on the first row to select it (not the title: you don't want to open it)
    3. Ctrl-A will then select them all
    4. Click the "i" in the circle at the top to open the Resource Information (should say "65 resources selected")
    5. Click add tag to label them all in one fell swoop (i chose "Targum")
    6. Do the same for MSS: "title:manuscript" looks like a good selector given my resources
  • Slight variation on Bohuslav's example: + and - might behave more as you expect than ANDNOT, so you should get what you want from
    • type:Bible -mytag:Targum -mytag:MSS

Note this rule is still dynamic: if you add a new Bible to your library, it will automatically match this collection and be included. (but new Targums and MSS will also have to be tagged the same way to get excluded)

Another useful tip i learned today: if you have to "tweak" your collection manually, open the Library panel alongside the Collection panel (2 column layout), so you can easily drag and drop into the included/excluded areas.


So why not make it dynamic? Create a collection of title:manuscript,Targum. Then add the collection to the "- these resources" collection. A new targum will be added to the secondary collection and be excluded from the primary automatically.

Todd Phillips:

You need to use the resource "type". 

Try this for your English Bible collection:

type:bible lang:english

It works for me with about 7 (out of 44)  that need to be removed because they are mistagged.

To see the resources types in the library, put the library in to the grid view and right click on the column titles, then select "type" in the pop-up menu.

Now I wanted a smaller English Bible collection, so I added my own tag "englishbible" to each bible I wanted in the collection (using the library info pane). And then I created a collection that is defined by this definition:


Using tags may be the best way to create ad hoc collections.

Todd Phillips:

Rob Suggs:
I found I couldn't drag from the library into the collection window, and that should be possible as well. 

But you can.  You just have to drop it in the right place: the area under "Plus these resources" where it says "Drop resources or collections to add here":


Don't try dropping them in the list at the bottom. Unfortunately you can only drag one resource at a time.

So why include this? New users' experience is much like the old-timers faced with Logos 4. The "simple" questions and muddling through a variety of possibilities that the "experts" went through with Logos 4 should serve as encouragement to new users. We can encourage them and give them answers because we've been there too ... and left a record of it for others.

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