TIP of the day - oldies weekend: Why does my lemma search include articles?

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Aug 1 2015 1:30 PM

Philip Larson:

When I perform a Bible search, <Root = lbs/el/βαπτω>, I get, among other things, 14 references to G3588, an article.

Why is this included in the count? Obviously I don't know any Greek, but I would understand a pronoun referencing this word, just not an article.

Ruben Gomez:

You get the articles because the underlying Greek text includes them and the English text you use doesn't. In such cases, the English equivalent to the Greek noun or participle has been tagged with both. See, e.g., Matt 3:7 --ESV has "baptism," but the Greek text reads "the baptism."

Hope this makes sense.

Dave Hooton:

In Analysis view of a reverse interlinear bible you will get all words from the interlinear cell of the result word, which include articles as already explained. However, you should note that these do not impact the search count i.e.  118 occurrences in ESV and a Greek Bible, LGNTI:SBL.

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