TIP of the day: Selling a user of Online Bible software on Logos

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Aug 4 2015 10:50 PM

See The Online Bible which offers free software ... I ran into this product via the KJVO thread. It's main screen shot is:

As a counter-argument for those who claim Logos does not meet the needs of the "average" user, I'll show you how to recreate this layout in Logos (additional evidence we need to be able to share layouts). And show you how to add some useful glitz to convince a user of this software that they should switch to Logos.

1. The resources that come with this software include: King James AV Bible, Easton's Dictionary, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, OLB Theme Index, Morning and Evening Devotional. For demonstration purposes you may wish to adjust your prioritization to favor the AV Bible, Easton's and TSK (or NTSK). The OLB Theme Index will be replaced by the Logos Themes and Topics datasets.

2. We will ignore the Library and Favorites panels as they are not critical to the functioning of the page ... and are handled differently in Logos.

3. Begin by opening each of the required resources using the command box:

  • Open AV
  • Open TSK (or NTSK)
  • Open Morning and Evening

4. Open a Search panel

5. Create a new Passage Guide template containing only the Theme and Topic sections.

6. Add the specially created Passage Guide to the layout.

7. Add the Information and Power Lookup Tools to illustrate Logos' power. Remember that the individual you are showing this to will have a limited library so be careful not to scare them off showing off the features your library provides.

8. Use drag and drop to organize the tabs in a manner that mimics the layout of the Online Bible software. Create a Linked set of AV, TSK, and the Passage Guide.

9.Set the Power Lookup to Follow

10. Assuming the AV is the highest order priority, click on the scripture reference for the reading from Morning and Evening ... and watch everything update to the appropriate position. Unfortunately, tonight's passage doesn't show off themes and topics ... perhaps, when you are showing someone, you'll have better luck.

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