TIP of the day: Controlling panel interactions in a layout.

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Aug 6 2015 12:27 AM

1. The most common interaction between panels is handled by creaking link-sets ...all the A's move together, all the B's move together .... In order to be linked, the resources must have a shared index type. For example, I cannot link a devotional with a day of year index with a lectionary with a year/month/day index. But I can link everything with Bible index together, or with English headwords ....

2. To clear the link for a particular resource select the Link set "none"; to clear all links sets in the layout select "Clear all links".

3. Note that a Link set moves together - there is no concept of master-slave. Therefore, you often wish to make a second copy of a resource, especially your primary Bible, that is not linked so that you may move around in that copy of the Bible without affecting everything in a link set. This is done by selecting "Send hyperlinks here" and not setting a Link set.

4. Some tools allow the link set setting of "follow" which causes it to be linked to any panel that has the focus and has a shared index with the tool.

5. Some tools are not members of link sets but depend upon a click or hover setting on the mouse/cursor/et. al.


7. Finally don't forget parallel resources and equivalent resources - see: TIP of the day: Equivalent resources and a future post.

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