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Willie | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Aug 8 2015 7:34 PM

With the introduction of Logos 6, changes were made to a majority of English Bible translation book cover icons.  Among the more noticeable of these changes were lighter color shades and significantly increased brightness levels which in my opinion were extreme.  The ESV's book cover icon in particular was changed to a harsh shade of orange with a brightness level so intense it has become a significant distraction as I attempt to read the Bible text and is a source of painful eye strain.  The same could be said of the LEB's ultra-bright lime green book cover icon and several others. 

I’ve submitted two suggestions to the UserVoice site to address this issue which are summarized as follows:

Suggestion 1 (submitted 11/26/2014)Decrease the Brightness Level of all Bible Book Cover Icons That Were Recently Changed for Logos 6 (especially the ESV and LEB)” 

Option #1. Restore the ESV, LEB, and any other Bible book cover icon whose brightness level was recently changed for Logos 6 back to its original Logos 5 color shade and lower brightness level.

Option #2. Allow users to individually customize the color, shade, and brightness level of any Bible book cover icon.

Option #3. Allow users to hide or "turn off" Bible book cover icons when the resource is opened.

Suggestion 2 (submitted 07/31/2015)“Allow Users to Add Their Own Book Cover Icons or to Individually Switch to a Generic Grey Book Cover Icon if preferred” 

Option #1. Allow users to add their own book cover icons and to share the icons they add with other users.

Option #2. Allow users to individually switch to a generic grey book cover icon if they prefer (such as currently used for several clause visualization resources).

Request for Forum Support

If the color shade and brightness level of certain Logos 6 Bible book cover icons are distracting you from reading the Bible text, or if the eye strain issue mentioned above is of concern to you, or you would like to see more user controlled options for book cover icons, or you are dissatisfied for whatever reason with the current Logos 6 Bible book cover icons, please take the time to click on the links below which will take you directly to the UserVoice suggestions I’ve submitted.  If you concur with any one or combination of the proposed options, I would be grateful if you could support the idea with your vote.

If I have overlooked any viable option to address the issue described above, please let me know.  Thank you for reading this post.

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