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Philip Evans | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Aug 11 2015 7:28 AM

I wonder whether somebody could please help me with a search problem:

I am trying to find all the verses in the ESV which contain the measurement "five cubits", but NOT "twenty-five cubits" or "thirty-five cubits".

Running a search on "five cubits" returns 38 results, 8 of which are either "twenty-five" or "thirty-five".  I can exclude these using the search "five cubits" ANDNOT "*ty-five".


This is also excluding valid results, simply because they contain the word "twenty" somewhere else in the verse.  For example, 1 Chronicles 3:15 is excluded because it contains both "five cubits" and "thirty-five cubits".

This all sounds as clear as mud when I read it back, but hopefully somebody here understands what I'm trying to achieve and can help!

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Alan | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Aug 11 2015 9:27 AM

I simply put "five cubits" within the quotation marks to get the 38 results.  Incidentally, the example of 1 Chronicles 3:15 should read as 2 Chronicles 3:15

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Aug 12 2015 12:25 AM

Philip Evans:

I can exclude these using the search "five cubits" ANDNOT "*ty-five".


It would have been easier with won't get an exact result with current Search syntax, so accept the need to manually eliminate!


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