Test of Windows 10 and Verbum 6.5 - positive!

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Don Awalt | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Aug 13 2015 12:19 PM

I thought it might be time to try an upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. I did it from DVD. First, I did a system image backup of WIndows 7 x64, so I could easily go back if I didn't like WIndows 10 (this is what I did when I briefly tried Windows 8 when it came out - yuck).

I am pleased to say everything is working great! I have tried as many tests as I could think of - AV scans, printer scan, printing, all my major apps, Office, remote access to work computer, backup, the only problems I have had is that Cortana seems to think my microphone is too soft (yet Skype is fine),  iTunes required a reauthorize of my computer yet it keeps saying there is an error on the iTunes store, and I cannot change the Lock Screen picture (others have this problem). None of these are a deal breaker for now.

I am running Verbum 6.5, and it runs fine. The whole computer seems more zippy than WIndows 7. It happened to download a bunch of journals today, that went without incident. 

I had one problem - the first time I did a Print of a Bible chapter, the laptop froze, I had to restart it. I had a lot going on, could have been anything I restarted and tested it has not happened since.

I think I am going to keep Windows 10 if it keeps working like this!

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