BUG: Corresponding Words shifting text, interfering with tooltip. WIN 6.6 Beta 1

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Tim Hensler | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Aug 20 2015 4:28 AM

With Corresponding Words turned on, hovering over something tends to shift the text slightly.  In some cases it will shift enough to interfere with the Corresponding Words function and/or the user's ability to see a tool tip from a Bible reference (as illustrated in the video below).


  • Open Tyndale Bible Dictionary to "Bottomless Pit"
  • Make sure Corresponding Words is turned on
  • Adjust width of panel so the word "Sheol" in the last sentence of the first paragraph is the first word on a line (see video)
  • Hover over any part of the Bible reference "Ps 71:20"
  • The words shift enough that the tooltip showing the verse text can't be read because the reference moves out from under the pointer hovering over the reference.
  • This also prevents the user from finding other instances of the verse (or part of the verse, like "20"), that the user wants to find using the Corresponding Words function.

Another example from right margin of same panel of TBD article:

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Thanks for the report! We're able to reproduce this and will work on a fix.

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Sat, Aug 22 2015 3:11 AM

In general, Corresponding Words prevents any (hover) tooltips from displaying e.g. for footnotes, Speaker labels, datatype links, etc. - in any resource.


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Angela Murashov | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Sep 1 2015 3:57 PM

Jacob Carpenter (Faithlife):

Thanks for the report! We're able to reproduce this and will work on a fix.

This should be fixed in 6.6 Beta 3. 

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