Vocab Cards: Difficulties Printing Words Lists with Avery Business Cards

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Eric Laudenslager | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Sep 25 2015 2:48 PM


Here is an issue I ran into.  Perhaps one of you have has found a solution.

In the Words list option you can select 3 Cards, 8 Cards, and 10 Cards.  The screen will then list the compatible Avery products if you want to print those options.  I ran into an issue when you try to Print/Export the cards on the Avery stock.  All of the Avery options for 10 Cards use a margin of .5"x.75".  However, Logos 6 only allows 1x1, .5x.5, 1x.75, 1x2.  Based on which margin option you use, it will resize the note cards.  Since there is not a compatible Logos preset margin with Avery margins your note cards end up misaligned or the edges are chopped off.  Which can be an expense mistake.

Does anyone know of a way to create custom Logos margins for printing and exporting?

I tried going another route by exporting the word list to excel and then doing a mail merge.  The issue here that arises is that Microsoft word does not have an easy option for creating a label that is intended to be double sided.  If you do it manually from an excel file by

1) creating a label merge for the front

2) print the cards

3) Create a label merge for the back

4) Print on the back side of the cards

==> it doesn't properly match the vocab word on the front with the gloss on the back.

Not a fun mistake when you are learning a foreign language and don't catch it right away Wink  To create the back of the vocab cards correctly takes some kludge tricks in excel.

Any suggestions for a more efficient ways to do this?

Ultimately I think it would be best if you could select an Avery style in Logos when you are printing.  But I expect this would have some complicated licensing with Avery.  Probably the easiest way would be to have a custom margin options for the note cards.

Grace to you



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