TIP of the day: Note on single translation, all translations and moving between.

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Oct 1 2015 12:49 PM

1. To attach a note to a single resource, select "selection" on the right side of the context menu and the appropriate note file on the left side.

2. Note that the note icon shows only in the one translation and that the selected text is highlighted.

3. To attach a note to all Bibles and other appropriately indexed books (note commentary in lower right), select reference on the right side of the context menu and the appropriate note file on the left.

4. Now both the Bibles and the Commentary show the note icon and the original selected text is not highlighted.

5. One can edit the attachment points to switch between reference and selection. I will illustrate the selection --> reference switch. Open the edit menu on the note and select edit attachment points.

6. Note that you are given two options: reference and selection ... they same options you were given when you created the note.

7. We want to enter a reference of Gen 25:20 without any ties to a particular translation.

8.Note that the note icon now appears on all the Bibles and the Commentary.

9.We now delete the attachment point that is to a specific translation (note the Ge 25:20 NEB vs. Ge 25:20).

10. When we are done editing the attachment points we click on done.

11. Now both notes are happily behaving as notes by reference.

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