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Adam S. | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Oct 3 2015 8:19 AM

After trying to import the reftagger script, to my site Biblicalapedia. I have added it the Common.js file (this is on the test version of the site) by using importArticles, BibleVerses.Js. After it still doesn't work I have investigated it to find that an error is coming from our hoster Wikia. The error is as follows:

"Uncaught Module id missing or not a string. Error /     at define" 

This error can be found by going to the test wiki (where the common.js file is linked to) and going to the John the Baptist test, Elijah or Temple. When you inspect element and check the error console you will see the above error. I contacted the hosting and they said I needed to contact logos further about this. You can also note that rather than having verses directly, they are included under the "References" heading in the ol class references. How can this be solved

On our website, rather than having verses directly we reference all of them via cites. For now cites are solely Bible verses and getting this script up and running a big step in rolling out some changes in order to attribute to the Bible as the main source of our content. By aiding in this you are helping our ministry achieve in an important step in attributing the Bible for all of our content, and by extension the author of it all. 

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