TIP of the day: Morphological Rivers (with some unanswered questions)

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Oct 7 2015 8:13 PM

Definition: The morphological river is displayed as a streamgraph, a variation of a stacked histogram. (SeeTamara Munzer's Visualization Analysis & Design.) You know how to read histograms aka bar charts so you know how to read a streamgraph - think of the verse lines as stacked bars and the rest as a computationally generated graphic to move gracefully from one stack to the next.

This type of visualization is also used in the Compare Version section of the Passage Guide.

1.The tool is found at Tools ==> Passage ==> Passage Analysis.

2. In the Passage Analysis Tool, select Morph River (bottom center); then enter a passage to analyze by reference or from the pericope list.

3. Select the Bible resource with morphological coding that you wish to analyze.

4. Choose the part of speech you wish to analyze. Note this list will vary by language. (Hint: don't read anything that shows the limitations traditional parts of speech such as the Wikipedia article).

5. Finally choose the attribute(s) of the part of speech that you wish to see the results classified by. The attributes available are specific to the part of speech and language.

6. The result is shown as a streamgraph and as a chart showing percentages for each combination. Note that the chart has the color key for the streamgraph as the left-most column. Note that v.22 is 100% masculine singular. I have not been able to determine if there is any normalization to control the total height of the chart or if the total height reflects density or count. The width of each color band reflects the percentage of the total.

7. When you hover on a color band between two vertical verse lines, that color line begins to pulse making it easier to follow across the entire chart. And the text of the upcoming verse pops up in the selected Bible.

8. Clicking on the vertical line or the verse number below it will open your selected Bible to that passage.

9. Clicking on a line in the chart below the streamgraph will cause the corresponding (colored) ribbon on the streamgraph to pulse.

10. A right click on the streamgraph brings up the options to copy, export, etc.

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