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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Oct 14 2015 4:41 PM

One thing growing "under the radar" in Logos/Verbum is the integration with websites. This was to cover integration with Faithlife websites but even that has turned into a multi-part post - reading lists, topics, ask the author, community notes etc. to be covered later ... and possibly an expansion on sermons.

1. From the gear icon (settings for the home page), one may request that the bottom of the sidebar on the left include Faithlife sites. This functions differently in Verbum than in Logos. I did not test Noet for this post.

2. In Verbum, Faithlife Websites turns on only Bible Screens.

3. Clicking on Bible Screens in the side bar will open the site in your browser. The site has a video player for the Verse of the Day and a variety of apps and download to allow you to use in art on other devices.

4. The same home page setting in Logos provides two additional links: Bible Study Magazine and Faithlife TV.

5. Clicking on the Bible Study Magazine entry will open a tab in your browser for the Bible Study Magazine. The Home page includes articles from the current issue; there is also an archive option.

6. The Bible Study Magazine site also has its own blog, often reposting of short articles from other Faithlife sites.

7. The Bible Study Magazine site also contains Extras - articles not in the magazine itself. This added value should entice readers of the printed magazine to use the web.

8. Clicking on the Faithlife TV icon brings up a tab in your browser in which you may watch Faithlife TV via computer screen or Roku.

9. A separate source of Faithlife links is the Factbook which may contain links to the Faithlife wiki - a relatively new and underdeveloped resource. Okay, my green arrow should be up a line; sorry.

10. Clicking on the wiki link will open the wiki in your browser. Note: because Wikipedia opens within the application we can add notes. Because Faithlife wiki opens outside the application we cannot add notes.

11.An Everything search will bring up results from the Faithlife library of scanned theological books - images not text but with the correct tools you can convert them.

12. Clicking on the expand/contract arrow head you may see a snippet of the reference.

13. Clicking on the image of the actual reference will bring the book up in the Books.Logos.com site. Note the option to download the resource and to obtain bibliographic information in multiple formats.

14. Clicking on the download button will covert the message to saying that the book was added to your Logos installation.

15. You will find the book under the Media type as it consists of images of the pages.

16. The Sermon Start Guide provides access to two additional Faithlife sites - their storefront and their sermon site. The Bookstore section of the Guide suggests available resources not in your library that might prove useful.

17. Clicking on a entry in the Bookstore section will take you to the actual online store front for the item.

18. The sermon.logos.com section of the Passage Guide provides a list of sermons applicable to the topic or passage as provided by other Logos users. The Libronix 3 version of the Sermon/Illustration tool automatically uploaded sermons & illustrations unless you specifically asked it not to. The result is a number of items using the tool for other purposes or outlines so brief as to be useful only to the poster themselves. However, there is a fair amount of good material here and users might wish to push for greater use of this feature ... including integrating the uploading of sermons to the site.

19. Clicking on a sermon brings up the site ... but I was impatient as it appeared to be having problems actually loading the text.

20. The Help icon provides access to three additional Faithlife sites: online video tutorials, these forums and the wiki.

21.Selecting View online video tutorials takes you to a menu page in your browser.

22. Selecting View online forums takes you to these forums - the Home Page.

23. Selecting view online user-edited wiki takes you to the wiki home page. The wiki is the best source of highly detailed information on the options and behaviors of Logos/Verbum.

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