TIP of the day: "Judas" vs. "person Judas"

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Oct 22 2015 12:21 AM

1. First you can't ask for <person Judas> as there are at least 5 people named Judas in the Bible. However, "Judas" simply looks for the word "Judas" - you set options for case, all forms, and equivalents. <person Judas> looks for the Logos tag for the person Judas regardless of how he is referred to. So I will run two searches - one on "Judas" and one on "<person Judas (son of James)>".

2. For the sting Judas I get 54 results in my Personal Books and 77,462 results in my library ... these results include all the people named Judas in the Bible plus any additional Judas names anywhere in my library. For the <person> search I get no results in my personal books and 128 results in my library. These result include only resources that Logos has tagged as "Judas, son of James" and any community tags for "Judas, son of James". Note that only a subset of your Logos resources are coded for Biblical people.

That this includes Judas other than son of James is shown by

3. As one can see from the Cambridge Paragraph Bible of approximately 174 references to Judas in the Bible (including front material and footnotes) on 5 refer to Judas, son of James.

4. One can see the Logos coding on the right hand side of the right-click context menu. This example is from the Judas search; it does not appear in the <person> search.

4. You can get results that are broader than the Logos coding but narrower than the simple "Judas" with a search argument of "Judas NEAR "son of James"". This allows you to identify potentially useful resources to which you can add community tags while not working through the comprehensive search.

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