New Feature: Passage List Visual Filter (Feature)

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Jacob Cerone | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Nov 2 2015 2:23 PM

What is it?

Now you can view your Passage Lists as a visual filter within the biblical text. Expose only the verses you want to study—even if they aren't a part of the same biblical book. Open all the cross references to John 1:1 in your favorite version. Or create your own custom list of verses to compare all the epistolary prescripts in Paul's letters.

And you won't just get a static list—you get the full functionality of Logos right within the filtered text.

How does it work?

All your passage lists are now available in the visual filters menu. Click on the Visual Filter icon and select a Passage List. Logos filters the biblical text down to just the references in the Passage List, letting you explore these verses with Logos' extensive tagging.


Where can I learn more?

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