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Chuck Gohn | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Nov 9 2015 11:18 AM

Hello, I am planning on purchasing a MAC next month but currently have the PC version of logos. Can you tell me what I need to do to convert to the MAC version and if there is any charge to do so? Is the answer is already posted somewhere, please provide the link. Thanks!

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Dave Hooton | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 9 2015 11:26 AM

No charge as you can run Mac versions with Logos versions using the same Faithlife account. You can use your PC resources to install on Mac and save some time, though.


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JT (alabama24) | Forum Activity | Replied: Mon, Nov 9 2015 12:18 PM

Hey Chuck! Dave answered your question, but for further clarification: The software is always free, so when I say that I have the "mac version" I only mean that I have a Mac, and I am using the Mac engine. There isn't a "Mac" or "PC" version of the resources, cross grades or base packages. They are one and the same. 

Also, you can run the software on as many computers as you own for your own personal use. 

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