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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 12 2015 1:32 AM

Well, I still don't have a computer table and chair in my new home, my cat spent the evening at the sliding glass windows trying to chase a raccoon out of the backyard which given there is a creek is a hopeless endeavor, I'm stilling trying to figure out the pellet stove but luckily I've been buying 40 pound bags of kitty litter so strength is not an issue .... but I have gotten around to updating the Reading List "Logos/Verbum/Noet training: Forum tips" which now has 222 entries - with an ever expanding list of people who contribute either directly or through the best answers of the week.

I'd also like to encourage those who don't think of themselves as "power users" to add their tips. I'd used Logos for many years before I learned I could drag and drop a resource to open it. Whenever you find a feature that is new to you, it is probably new to others in the forums as well.

My procedural rules - in general if you put the word TIP in the heading, I will put the thread in the reading list. It it doesn't have the word tip, it is more apt to appear in best answers of the week. And if you have answers you think should have been best answers, add it to the thread. Also feel free to bring back "oldies" or bring our attention to especially useful blogs ...

So far only one item broke my rules and had to be removed ... on further testing I found the answer did not work.

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