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steve clark | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Nov 12 2015 10:59 AM

This is a short tutorial on how to hyperlink to a specific reply in your thread or another thread on the forum.

Copying a link to a reply in a forum thread

Find the thread & reply in the forum that you wish to link with.
(often this requires you opening that thread in another browser tab/window)

Then once you have found that reply, then right-click on the icon as shown below.
[your browser will show you a popup menu list (shown in the next step)]

Then in the popup list you can select Copy Link Location.
The link will be stored in the clipboard and can be pasted into your reply.
(the menu items text may vary depending on your browser)


Now adding your link in your reply

Now we will use the link we got above and assign it to text in our forum reply.
the image below shows you the forum editor when you are adding a reply.

a)  type the text that you want your hyperlink to says.
     Then use your mouse to select the text to hyperlink.

b) Now in the editor's toolbar click on the link symbol (infinity symbol).
    You will then see a popup window for adding a link.

c) Now click here and paste the hyperlink that we got in the previous section.
    (the link is stored in our clipboard).
    Most browsers will allow you to right-click in this box and show you
    a popup list in which you will see Paste as an entry.

d) Now we just press the Insert button to finish our creating the hyperlink.

Now we have created a hyperlink to another reply in a forum thread. After we post our reply, the hyper link will work. This allows us to relate to specific other replies in our thread or to any other thread in the forum.

Using this method is very useful. It not only opens the thread but also takes you to the specific reply within that thread (i.e. the reply that you want to link with may be on the 3rd page of that thread. This method will open the thread to that page and position to that specific reply). This can save your viewers from having to page through a thread to find exactly the reply that you were referring to.

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