TIP of the day: Logos (reverse interlinear) tagging #5 - Bible Sense Lexicon

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Nov 17 2015 12:12 AM

You may want to review TIP of the day: meaning and classification of words

1. Not all canons are equal - the last interlinear field, Sense from the Bible Sense Lexicon, does not exist for the deuterocanonicals. Here, the limitation is not due to the resource Faithlife is republishing; the limitation is in a Faithlife created resource.

2. So selecting a reference within the BSL range, note the final interlinear entry in the right click menu is "sense" with links to the Bible Sense Lexicon and a variety of searches.

3. Selecting the Bible Sense Lexicon provides access to:

  • senses that are subsets of the selected sense
  • senses that are supersets of the selected sense
  • the basic definition of the sense
  • the number of occurrences of the sense and their distribution in the form of a frequency spark chart
  • the ability to initiate a Search of the selected sense
  • lemma that can have the selected sense
  • the relationships shown in the tree given in verbal form covering only the branch that contains the selected sense
  • "see also"  is empty in our case but may carry information such as the Louw-Nida number (even for Hebrew items - see "judgment" in Prov 18:1. I suspect this comes indirectly from the DBL); Factbook, Topic Guide - see "heart" in Prov 18:2 ...

4. A Search initiated from the Context Menu has an explicit = sign; a Search initiated from the BSL leaves the equal sign implied. Both find exact matches.

5. By changing the = to ~ gives us the intersection i.e. the exact sense and its sub-senses. You can review the operators at https://wiki.logos.com/Detailed_Search_Help

6. Selecting an example that appears in the ~ search but not in the = search allows you to verify that it is a sub-sense.

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Schumitinu | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, Nov 17 2015 8:50 PM

Thanks MJ for these helpful tips and refreshers. 

Just to clarify the searches: both <Sense to isolate> as well as <Sense ~ to isolate> find the exact senses and sub-senses.
But <Sense = to isolate> finds ONLY exact senses. 
This is true for both, Basic Search and Bible Search

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