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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Nov 27 2015 11:57 PM

1. The number of Preaching Themes is limited. To find them all run a Guide on Genesis-Revelation with only the Theme section. If you enter one of the Preaching Themes into Factbook you will notice that there is usually a Topic with a similar name ... which makes it easy to miss that Preaching Themes are, in fact, in the Factbook. However, their dataset does not appear within the Factbook section but rather under Sermon Starter Guide.

2. As a Preaching Theme the Factbook offers the following sections: Media, Passages, Preaching Resources, Library Results, Sermons and See Also.

3. As a Topic, the Factbook offers Dictionaries, Sermons and See Also. A generic warning for Factbook: when you don't see what you expect in the Factbook, double check that you are looking at the entry you intended - Preaching Theme not Topic, Biographic entry not Topic, Place not Person ...

4. In the following shot I use the Preaching Theme to find a scriptural reference to the Theme, then use the right click Context Menu to show the link between the Bible and the dataset containing the tagging.

5. When one tries to Search on the Topic loneliness you are redirected to the entry from lonely, loneliness.

6. However, the search finds no results.

7. When this happens, your first response may be to verify your universal search settings - that you have both Match all word forms and Match equivalent references turned on. Note I still get no results.

8. The next step in trouble shooting is to let Logos build the search and see how the search it builds differs from the one you built. In this case, Logos adds 2 string arguments to the Search, implying that one should not expect satisfactory results from the Topic search.

9. In contrast a Search for the Preaching Theme will return those resources which have been tagged for Preaching Theme - a limited subset of your library.

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