Linux version of Logos Bible Software

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Keep Smiling 4 Jesus :) | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Apr 18 2019 4:39 AM

Kolen Cheung:
Think about the situation of Steam and SteamOS. It offers people a platform to use their product directly without relying on anything else (i.e. no cost attached to the OS it relies on.) Logos could do the same thing here. For some people Logos could be the only OS they need. They boot into it and the only thing they use is Logos (notes jot in it, sermon created it in, browsing wikipedia with it, etc.)

Appears SteamOS has gaming console focus without mouse and keyboard. Faithlife developers would need to include more Debian packages (e.g. a file system, image viewer) for application/presentation/TV use along with partnering with Steam for their online store (could be useful for Faithlife TV).

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Kolen Cheung | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Apr 18 2019 4:55 PM

I'm not talking about that. I'm saying something like Steam offering a SteamOS, or Kodi offering a Kodibuntu.

Like Kodibuntu, Logos can be the desktop to log in, instead of logging into some desktop and open Logos. i.e. Logos can be something some people only use (well some sort of browser is needed but given Logos already has a wikipedia module it is not something entirely out of Logos' reach. Perhaps a Javascript jit compiler is not that there. But besides that what sort of things needed in a Christian's workflow can't be done by Logos?)

Or something like people buying a Chromebook and install Logos desktop on it (ChromeOS can install Linux softwares.)

The point is a Logos for Linux give people a choice to not choose base on the OS (using macOS or Windows has its associated cost on top of what one is paying for Logos.) For some Logos for Linux is a choice of Linux but for some others Logos for Linux can be a choice free from a choice of OS. (I mean they don't need to care about what underlying OS is running as along as it doesn't add cost and it runs Logos.)

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Kolen Cheung | Forum Activity | Replied: Tue, May 7 2019 10:37 AM

May be a great news to some people here:

(If anything at least it shows not even microsoft can ignore Linux.)

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Zachary Rainey | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, May 23 2019 5:19 AM

Thanks for posting. I have been scrubbing through the posts to read about successful runs of Logos on Linux that can be repeated by a novice like myself. The VM certainly stirs up a lot of interest for me.

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Kolen Cheung | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, May 23 2019 2:15 PM

The short summary is that there’s currently no way to run Logos desktop on Linux (other than VM because it is what it's designed for.)

With VM, you need to have a Windows license. Also, you may need a license for the software as well. VirtualBox is free but performance is not good. Best currently is VMWare which supports graphical acceleration on Linux host Windows guest. Since Logos is a demanding program including graphical performance I think VMWare should be the better choice.

The extra license cost Is one of the reason of the requests here, others including VM penalty and also not everyone want to have a guest OS running.

To reduces license cost, you could try to find if you have any old Windows 7/8 license lying around. It is still possible to upgrade from those to 10 for free. Also, if you're from academics, check if your institute offers VMWare a workstation. VMWare Player is free to use but I'm not sure if it supports hardware acceleration so you may check that first.

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aaylnx | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, May 23 2019 4:29 PM

I agree with you that Virtualbox is slow, but the best answer is not VMware.  I am using KVM on Linux to run copy of windows in which I run Logos.  If you have trouble setting up KVM, just install Gnome Boxes and use that.  Good Gnome Boxes uses KVM behind the scenes.  I prefer using straight KVM because it has more options, but Gnome Boxes should work fine as well.

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