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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Thu, Jan 21 2016 5:27 PM

1. Invoking the Sermon Starter Guide by either Preaching Theme or scripture reference will create four collection sections in Verbum:

  • all resources
  • catechism (system provided collection)
  • Church Documents (system provided collection)
  • Church Fathers (system provided collection)

Yes, a number of other denominations should push for parity.

The results shown differ, however, in that when invoked by Preaching Theme, the results are thematic similar but not identical to the results one would get from the Topic Guide. When invoked by scriptural reference, the results are scriptural + preaching theme similar but not identical to the results one would get in a Passage Guide.

2 The default order of results is by resource. On mouse over, the resource name provides a brief resource information window.

3. On mouse over the results, one gets a preview of the resource. Remember that one can open the resource here in multiple ways:

  1. If you simply click on the reference, you are allowing the system to chose which pane to open the referenced resource in.
  2. If you use shift + click, you are asking the system to open the referenced resource in a floating window.
  3. If you drag-and-drop the reference, you may place the referenced resource in the pane of your choice.

4. From a Preaching Theme, the Search used against all resource requires the language be English and a heading contain one of several words connected to Creation. I'd love to have someone with a bilingual collection to post the Search generated for them.

5. Notice that while the format is the same as that used by a Topic Guide but the related words differ.

6. From a scripture reference the Search for all resources is a scripture reference + Preaching Theme ... note this is not limited to English.

7. This differs from a Passage Guide in that the Passage Guide looks only a scripture reference without any thematic additions.

8. The other Collection sections use similar search arguments but against a more limited set of resources. Note that the collections are not necessarily comprehensive. Here on the left is the Search on Church Fathers as initiated from the SSG. On the right is the same Search run against my personal collection of Church Fathers ... an additional 21 resources found to match.

9. The default sort order is by resource.

10. However, you may also sort by articles, rank or count. I have suggested that author be added to these options.

11. The same results shown in Article sequence.

12.The same results shown in rank sequence.

13. The same results shown in match count sequence

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