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David J. Wilson | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Feb 17 2016 8:04 AM

Had an interesting issue last night with repeatable crashes of the app while trying to open 
"Churches and Monasteries of the Holy Land" from my Library.
While I had downloaded a copy local: this did not seem to be the issue as the same happened when I removed the resource and tried to open it from the cloud.  I had previously viewed the resource from my desktop and closed it showing the photo of the Holy Sepulcher under the dome inside the Church of the same name.  The app seems to be showing the resource with the photo for part of a second then crashes.  The Library does not update to show that this was the most recently viewed resource.

Device: Google Nexus 7
Android version: 6.0.1 with February 2016 security patches, Build number: MMB29Q (ie: latest version available)
Verbum app version: 5.1.2  (Build 501020200)

I was able to resolve the crash problem by going to my laptop, opening the resource and moving from the page with the Holy Sepulcher photo back to the Title Page at the beginning of the book, closing the book on the laptop and syncing, then going back to my Nexus 7, which now opened the resource at the title page without crashing.

Seems to indicate a problem with opening the resource at a page with a photo.... (at least that specific photo).   
Would be interested to learn if you can reproduce that Android app crash.

Posts 213
David J. Wilson | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Feb 18 2016 12:17 PM

Log file sent via Help/Report a Problem.

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Kevin Byford (Faithlife) | Forum Activity | Replied: Thu, Feb 18 2016 2:51 PM

Thanks, I'm able to reproduce this - I'll write up a case.

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