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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Sat, Feb 20 2016 12:40 AM

1. Access the interactives via the Tools Menu --> Interactive Media --> All Interactive Resources if the interactive you want is not in the Tools Menu.

2. For this post I am choosing Ancient Inscriptions. Note that the type:Interactive resources behave like other resources in terms of metadata and the information panel.

3. This is the interactive:

  • mouse scroll zooms in and out
  • grab with click to recenter as you wish
  • the >> allows one to show or hide the Inscription list on the left. Note this is a select list of inscriptions - if you want others, show Logos that there is a demand for them.
  • select an inscription (note I am reporting a minor bug with this function)

4. Mouse over on a map location (circle) brings up the name of the associated inscription. Clicking on it will open the associated inscription information window.

5. Selecting an inscription zooms the map to the appropriate location and opens a window with information about the specific inscription.

6. Hovering over links in the Inscription panel will display information about the link.

7. or the hover may simply display a URL

8. or the hover may display a preview of the linked text.

9. Clicking will open the resource previewed.


10. Or clicking will open the Factbook to the entity in the hover display

11. Factbook provides a reasonably comprehensive Search to gather any other information you might want regarding the inscription and related entities.

12. In the upper right there are arrows to move forward and back in your history of opening Inscriptions. You may also use the drop down box to view panel history.

13. As usual, the information panel is available for the resource and is closed by clicking on "Done". Unlike many resources, there is no option on the task bar giving information regarding the interactive - contents, sources of information, etc.

14. The Resource Panel Menu is a fairly limited set of functions. As there are no indices, I'm unsure what a link set or send links here would do.

15. A Context Menu can be brought up for limited portions of the Inscription Information window.

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