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Francis | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Feb 22 2016 12:10 PM

A user recently wanted to find all the places in Isaiah. We were able to address his needs through the Explorer tool. However, the search for a solution had me investigate different type of searches, notably what I could do with <Place ...> in Isaiah. Turns that I had choices such as <Place Any Place> that returned any unnamed place. Not what I wanted. Then there was <Place Any City or Town>. Was too narrow. Really what was needed was <Place ALL> but apparently it does not exist (I tried "every" for suggestions also without success). 

Beyond this particular user's request, I know I have encountered that before myself (I think it was for speakers). I tried using the asterix, but my system does not seem to like it. 

So, I suppose question 1 is whether the functionality exists (for any type of data, place, person, speaker, etc) and I just don't know where.

If it does not exist, I would suggest making it possible (unless of course for some reason I ignore it would be a bad idea).

Of course, the onus would be on the user to employ such functionality intelligently. Searching for all places in the entire Bible (or worse, all Bibles) would be a resource heavy query and could cause systems to freeze or crash or simply take forever (or something that feels like it). 

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