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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Tue, Feb 23 2016 5:36 PM

Yes, I know that this is the second post of the day but it completes the set of conversion functions hidden in the Interactives. Yes, I know that it could be helpful to have more of the translation synonyms embedded in the function, but it is workable so that's not a battle I wish to fight ... if you want to ....

1. The Weight & Measures Converter is an interactive with the same standard functions (forward, back, history, information panel, resource panel menu) with the standard functions and limitations. Yes, if you were paying for the TIPS I'd go through the detail everytime so all the information was available in a single location. Here is the information panel which is closed via the Done function.

2. The converter main page lists the units it can convert, classified into units of weight, volume, length, area and money. Note that the input box has a arrow to ask for a conversion; on the conversion data page it has an x to clear the field.

3. So how to I convert the widow's mites where mites aren't on the list? Use an interlinear to identify the "transliterated lemma form" that is translated "mite".

4. The right click menu also will provide the name and usually has the advantage of a direct Factbook link.

5. Note that if you use a translation without an interlinear it may be much harder to identify the correct unit.

6. Mites are lepta ...so I enter 2 lepta. The dropdown menu then shows me the value in Euros and dollars i.e. minimal information. the units used for this quick conversion are the units used in the last two measures on the menu line. Yes, the bug here of missing data has been reported.

7. The conversion page shows several conversion units include the two quick conversions shown on the drop down menu. One also sees confirmation of the two mites being worth one farthing.or more accurately two lepta being about a quandrans.

8. The Factbook entry for Lepta, accessible via the right click menu, include the Weights and Measures Converter Interactive under Media. Note that each category of measures has its own Media symbol.

9. So for the κοδράντης there is no obvious equivalent in the units list unless you use the right click menu to verify the k-->qu conversion.

10. From the Context Menu one goes to Factbook.

11 From Factbook one goes to the interactive converter

12.As we move outside the monetary units we find more conversion data in the Factbook and comparison in the conversion interactive to give a general sense of the measure. Here is an example of weight.

13. An example of volume.

14. An example of length.

15. An example of area - note the difference in name between the conversion tool and Factbook.

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