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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Feb 29 2016 6:03 PM

1. This is typical resource with footnotes in a standard resource panel. The footnotes do not appear on the page.

2. One way to make the footnotes visible is to set "Show footnotes on page" on. This function will work only if Columns is set to something greater than zero.

3. The same page now shows the footnotes at the bottom as in a print book. Note that you cannot select the footnote text so copy, right click, drag etc. is not possible in the footnote.

4. However, if you hover over the footnote reference a preview window will open. Note also the reference box at the lower left which often in transitory i.e. it will happen when you initiate an action but has disappeared by the time I am taking a screen shot.

5. If I click on the reference the resource will open to the reference. It opens in a new tile.

6. If I hold CTRL and click on the reference, the resource will open to the correct reference in a new tab in the same tile.

7. If I turn off columns, the footnotes to not appear on the page but can be seen and opened on hover. The hover preview will disappear as soon as I move off the footnote superscript.

8. If I click on the footnote superscript number I will get a somewhat more persistent version of the footnote view.

9. This more persistent footnote box can be hovered on, opening a preview of the actual reference.

10. And clicking on the reference in the persistent footnote box will open the resource to the reference in a different tile.

11. Even when footnotes are displayed at the bottom of the page you may use the hover/click on footnote subscript method.

12. The behavior applies to footnotes in general not simply Biblical references which are prevalent in this resource.

13. The note text can be selected and actions performed on it when you access the content of the note through a click on the footnote superscript opening a persistent note window.

14. Non-Biblical references should be linked to references in your library so that previews are available on hover.

15. However, there a times when you hover and nothing happens ... even though you have every reason to expect. To report these missing links as typo, you must report them on the footnote subscript as the footnote itself cannot be selected, right-clicked and open an appropriate context menu.

16. But most time you can hover for preview and click to open.

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