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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Wed, Mar 2 2016 5:27 PM

1. In the body of the note, Bible references will link automatically if:

  • Logos recognizes the Bible book abbreviation
  • Logos recognizes the citation style
  • there is a space (or other closing indicator) at the end of the reference.

2. A hover will show that the link has been made; CTRL-click will open the reference as indicated by the popup preview.

3. If I have set Show Citation, when I copy text from a Logos resource a live link citation will be created.

4. This is how when sets "Show Citations" on and off via the Note Resource Panel Menu ... unfortunately, I can't get different behavior when it is off so I have reported a bug.

5. If you don't want to include the text, you can user the Copy Location: URL option from a resource panel menu.

6. Pasting a URL into a note will create a live link.

7. A pasted URL may be any valid URL - in this example from the internet.

8. I can find no evidence that one can modify a Bible Reference in a Note by verse map or by Translation although one can get appropriate behavior by copying a link from an/the appropriate translation.

9. However, the Logos Bible Reference link routine does try to handle verse mapping - usually successfully. Here is the standard reference

10. Here is the same reference requiring verse mapping.

11. One can add URL's from your computer ... which will open the appropriate software on CNTRL-click.

12. The quick way to get a file URL if you are not comfortable building them is to open Word and use the hyperlink option to build the link via navigating to it.

13. Then you can simply copy the link that was built.

14. Of course, you can also use the hyperlink option built into the Note editor ... which has the advantage of hiding the actual URL under descriptive text.

15. Okay ... this is probably the preferred method if you don't have an auto-link built (Bible reference or quotation) ... but it hides the detail that lets you see how to do it.


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Juan Gabriel | Forum Activity | Replied: Wed, Mar 2 2016 5:31 PM


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