TIP of the day: Interactives: Systematic theologies (Logos Now)

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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Mar 7 2016 12:17 AM

1. The Systematic Theologies interactive may be initiated from the Library or the command box.

2. When opened it shows all resources tagged as Systematic Theologies. It provides for filtering by Author, Denomination (stream), Era and Type. The filters may appear in alphabetic or count sequence with count being the default. Note the lock icon beside resources I do not own. This means that if I need information on a particular stream in a particular era, I can find Logos resources even if I do not own them.

3. The "about" function beside the panel resource icon, gives you the purpose of the interactive:

4.It also describes the available filters.

5. Clicking on "more" will expand an incomplete facet list.

6. One can switch from the count view to the alphabetic sequence.

7. Note that Faithlife avoided problems of multiple claimants to the same theologians by using Medieval and Patristic as "denominations" and limiting Catholic and Orthodox to Modern Catholic and Modern Orthodox. Some Anglicans would define Anglican theology as Patristic + Medieval + Anglican ... which is precisely what this coding tries to facilitate. Unfortunately, one can only select one facet of a group at a time i.e. it requires 3 separate lists.

8. To remove a particular facet, click on the x in front of the title; to remove all facets click on All at the beginning of the list. Clicking on the arrow head in front of the title will expand the entry to provide basic information about the resource.

9. Note that the expansion works equally well for resources that are locked i.e. I do not own.

10, Often the author's name is a hyperlink to the author's Factbook page.

11. For resources I do not own, the resource title is a link to logos.com purchase information and resource preview.

12. When a resource is not locked, i.e. when I own a resource, clicking on the resource title opens it in a different panel.

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