Bug with Courses in Logos 6

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Caleb S. | Forum Activity | Posted: Fri, Mar 11 2016 11:27 PM

Ok so since about Logos 6.8 or 6.9, I have noticed an odd bug in Logos in regards to the Mobile Ed Courses. Every single time that I close Logos and re-open Logos, and I go to Courses to watch a Course, and I play a video of a course that I downloaded ALL the videos to, it shows the video buffering as though the video is streaming! And I know the videos have all been downloaded since the option to "Download All Media" disappeared. I downloaded all the course videos for all my courses back in Logos 6.8, and since the updates to 6.9 and 6.10, I have had to click "Download All Media" after every single time I close and reopen Logos! For many of the courses, after I click "Download all Media", Logos freezes, and after it stops freezing (after a brief 5-15 seconds) the "Download All Media" option will be gone again. For other courses, either all or many of the course videos were deleted when I closed and re-opened Logos so I have to re-download most to all of the videos for some of the courses. And it varies. After I close and re-open Logos, for one course Logos finds the videos and does not need to download any videos. After another time, that same course might need to re-download multiple videos! This makes no sense whatsoever! Logos should never delete a single video unless I tell it to do so. So, this clearly a bug that needs to be fixed, since at one point Logos 6 kept all of the videos regardless of how many times I closed and re-opened it! This is getting very frustrating. There are times I am some place with no internet and I do not like finding out in that moment that Logos cannot find the downloaded videos. The only way for it to find them, is if I am connected to the internet and I click "Download All Media". If Logos can find the videos, in a few seconds there is no longer the option to download all. If, on the other hand, Logos cannot find the videos anymore, it will just download what is not there when I click "Download All Media." Please fix this frustrating bug. I don't like finding out I can't watch the course that I was planning on watching because Logos can't find the video anymore just because I closed and re-opened Logos.

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