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MJ. Smith | Forum Activity | Posted: Mon, Mar 14 2016 5:20 PM

1.The Parallel Gospel REader is an interactive available from the Tools Menu, the Library or the Command Box. I provides an alternative view of certain resources of type:"Bible Harmony" covering the Gospels that allows for user selected options of:

  • passage
  • Bible version
  • Gospels displayed
  • Gospel sorted on (i.e. Gospel in its normal sequence)

2. Beside the Reference Box is a drop down menu from which you may select the Bible you wish to see used in the display.

3. Under "view" you may select (check box) the Gospels you wish to have displayed, the sort order, or return to the default view.

4. The default view displays the section titles which may be expanded.

What follows is an expanded view of John 20:11-18 in each of the available Harmonies. Note that some harmonies only cover the synoptic Gospels. You can see that different harmonies have different focuses, size of units, ... Only by comparing the Harmonies to get a sense of what each one does can you get a sense of which one will best serve your purpose.

5. You can control which Gospel is given in canonical sequence by using the sort function. Note that the sorted column appears in blue. To show the effect of the sort, I have sorted the same Harmony by each of the Gospels.

6. When your interested is focused on particular Gospels you may limit the display to the Gospels of your choice - here Matthew and Luke.

7. Finally we should compare the display in the Gospel Parallel Reader to the view in the original Bible Harmony resource. The comparison obviously varies by resource.

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